Wait, what are you doing NOW??

I'm renovating an Airstream!  It's all happening at Standard Projects, where I am honored to be the current long term resident artist.  The plan is to turn this 1967 Ambassador International into a tiny dream home on wheels and head west, to my homeland of California.  In-between here and there I will be exploring parts of America that I've never seen but which have always been large in my imagination.  Theres so much of this country to wander too, and I don't know that I could ever get sick of it.  The wild has been calling, and I am finally going.  

I am excited to be creating a conscious, simple, and experience driven lifestyle.. but I am pursuing craftsmanship in other areas, hoping to strike up a happy balance between renovation, travel, art and entrepreneurship.  

 If you have questions about my project, my work, or just about whatever please feel free to email me!  I seriously love correspondence.